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Fall w/feather  Spring/Summer   Winter w/     Tassel                                             Fall Lamp Dangler
                    w/pearl              snowflakes
Make your very own dangler!
11" Loopy Bottom Dangler
1.  String beads onto a 30" length of
wire to create your loopy part. It's like
making a necklace!
2.  Slide a flat bead or any ol' kind of
bead ya want over both pieces of wire
and top with a larger bead.
3.  Slide another flat bead or any ol'
bead ya want over the big bead.
4.  Make the top beads taut on top of
the loopy part and maybe even tie a
knot in the wire on top.   
5.  Measure the desired length of your dangler and lay out a basic
design for the balance of the length and stack 'em on!  Make sure
you leave plenty of wire at the top to make the hangy loop.   
6.  Wa`la!  You have your own dangler! Tuck a feather
up inside one of the beads for an added touch.
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